This Gallery page will show our test and development builds and will be updated on a monthly basis (hopefully). The next Gallery page and the individual kit pages will be used to show photographs of your builds which we greatly appreciate receiving.
The Bulleid Light Pacific
The Bulleid Light Pacific by Mick D. He has developed an etch to represent the cab inside framing.  This covers up all the rivet dips and folding creases. 
The Princess Coronation
We have views of Richard's recently completed backhead and the the Stanier brake crank and lead screw casting that has been added to the Sundries page.
The Drummond Boilered Adams Radial
This is the footplate for a Drummond boilered Adams Radial that Steph is developing.  As usual, this and the other photographs will be included in the instructions.  There is no release date yet as there is still a large amount of work to do.
The Drummond M7
Photographs of the test build of the M7 by Mick Roffe. The build provided photographs for the instructions.  We hope to do this with all of the kits, as time allows.