We are pleased to announce that orders are now being taken for the 7mm scale kit of Gresley’s rebuilt W1 4-6-4. 

We think this is the most accurate and complete steam outline kit to date, with comprehensive between the frames detail, working conjugated motion and a fully detailed one-piece cast resin casing. 

The specification is as follows: 
    Body casing – resin casting, 
    Footplate and cab - 0.375mm nickel silver etch, 
    Chassis – 0.45mm nickel silver etch with overlays and frame bracing for strength, 
    Motion – 0.7mm nickel silver etch, 
    White metal, nickel silver and brass castings, 
    Machined buffers, 
    Insulated brake shoes, 
    Sundries pack - wire, tube, nuts and bolts.
Full colour instructions, mostly A3 format including photographs of the kit build.
The cost of this exceptional locomotive kit is £660, and a deposit of £200 is required to reserve your example. We are expecting the kit to be available at the Kettering show in March 2019.

On the LSWR we will have the L11 and the T9, both wide and narrow cab, engines available at Kettering, Drummond tenders available by the end of March.  In addition the GWR engines are coming along with the 51xx, the Hall and 4000 gal tender available by end March.  Now we have sorted out the remanufacture of the GWR castings, we hope to keep up a steady stream of re-releases over the coming months.
Work continues on the 94XX with the last test build of the etches completed.  We can now go onto the 3D Printing of the castings to confirm that they fit the etched metal work and onto production.  Work will now commence on the B1 with the intention of producing another kit of the high standard of the W1.