July 2018 
It’s a year since the last update. Far from having nothing to report as we have been working frantically on re-releases and new projects. 
The GWR Rover and Tender were released at Telford 2017… and sold out  A further batch is in production; we are also working on releasing the Broad Gauge 2700 gallon and 3000 gallon tender as a separate kit. This is at the test etch stage.
The V2 and Group Standard Tender were also released at Telford,
We have had to increase production of the GST for all those customers who are building the tender in advance of the B1.  The B1 is at the stage where we are working on the patterns for casting
Talking of LNER matters, the Gresley A1, A3, and A4, with a choice of tenders, will be available at Telford
And the W1 is now in production. However, we have to do a final test build and write the instructions, so this is a little while away.  
Moving on to GW matters, the test build of the Hall has been completed, together with the revised cylinders and motion upgrade kit,

and the test build of the 61xx is underway. Work continues on the development of the 94xx ‘starter kit’ where we are reconciling the twin aims of fidelity to the standards you have come to expect from Finney7 and ease of build.  
On the LSWR front, we have been working on the L12 concept build.  To round off this overdue update, the LNER A7 is still in the queue behind the B1, and the pattern for the ‘semi’ Princess Coronation is underway.  And the existing range is all still available.  Come and say Hallo at Telford!

If you need a casting from any of our kits for something that you are building, please contact Richard as we are pleased to supply our castings.  Comments from a customer who we supplied with some components:

I have received the Adams' crossheads and slidebars for which I thank you. 
I must confess to being surprised as they are far more detailed than I expected it almost means that I may have to do one of your LSWR locos just to get another set. I was also told of another company when I went on the hunt, and I still haven't found my original set, but I am glad that I chose your product as items I have purchased in the past from the other company were expensive and being sold on the the company's name not the quality.