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For a detailed history of this class Part Four of The Locomotives of the Great Western Railway published by the RCTS is essential reading. From this kit any of the 2251 class (2200 - 3219) can be built from circa 1930 to the end of steam. G.W.Engines - Vol 2 by J.H.Russell on pages 171 & 172 has some useful photographs. Other excellent sources of photographs are Locomotives Illustrated No. 55 - GWR Dean & Collett 0-6-0s and Collett & Hawkesworth Locomotives both published by Ian Allan.

Lot 261 were built with lever reverse and with cab sides and roof which overlapped the cab front. All were later rebuilt (in the mid 1930s) with screw reverse retaining the original cabs. Lot 283 onwards were built with screw reverse and with cabs that had sides and roof flush with the cab front. Those built during the war years had windowless cab sides, which were subsequently fitted with windows although one at least (2239) was unaltered in September 1957. 


Rear sandboxes.   Fitted to Lot 360 causing the injectors to be mounted further to the rear - not included in the kit. 
Whistle manifold cover.     Fitted from Lot 283 onwards. 
Whistle shield.   Fitted from Lot 298 onwards.
Smokebox lamp bracket.   Moved to the smokebox door on a few members of the class.
Cab side handrails.  Three different configurations. 
Balance weights.   A bewildering variety - we have attempted to include all the different permutations. 


All the engines built before the War were paired with second-hand tenders. From Lot 337 new 3000 gallon tenders of Collett pattern were provided although not all the new engines received new tenders as only fifty tenders of this design were produced. After the war many of the older engines and indeed some of the newer ones received second-hand Churchward 3500 gallon tenders.


Wheels.   Driving wheel - 5’ 2", 16 spoke, 3/16" diameter axle (3)    Slater's Ref.7862GW
Motor/Gearbox.    A Canon motor with a SDMP 40L/15 gearbox (available from Finney7) or an alternative such as an ABC VML2 gearbox.
Crankpins.    Heavy duty crankpins are available from Finney7.
Inside Motion.    A separate kit is available from Finney7 to construct the working inside motion.

To obtain a pdf copy of the instructions please click on the links below; the pdf will open in a new window.  Unfortunately the A4 and A3 pages have to be in different files.

Instruction  A4 Pages (PDF)
Instruction A3 Pages (PDF)

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