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Welcome to Finney7, the re-release of the Martin Finney range of 7mm kits. We now have most of Martin's models in manufacture and are starting to add designs of our own. We are also designing some new chassis for some of the kits to bring them up to modern expectations. We consider that no work is required to the upper works.

Below are some photographs of locos built from our kits. We hope that you enjoy some of the superb craftsmanship. Our thanks to those people who have supplied us with photographs


November 2019
It’s been a very busy period with both the continuing release of the original kits, and development of new projects.
The last of the LSWR engines, the T9 wide and narrow cab versions and the L11 together with the Drummond 6 wheel and Watercart tenders were available at the Kettering show, while for Great Western enthusiasts, the Hall, 51xx, 47xx, Duke and Dean Goods, and appropriate tenders were released by the Telford Guildex show.
We are now looking at the rest of the GW range, and have commenced work on new chassis for the Aberdare and 28xx. The upper works are fine, but we felt that the chassis could be improved, including in the Aberdare’s case a number of new castings. Alongside these two, the 94xx moves on and all the etch work has been completed, as has most of the development work for the castings. We should shortly have the patterns for the resin bodywork components to hand, and that is the last major hurdle. The intention is still that it will be a Finney7 ‘starter kit’.
We are continuing to update the instructions, even those that have already been released, and all are available to download from the website.
The B1 is still moving along in the background with work on the patterns for the castings.