Close up to show part of locomotive footplate



Between 1926 and 1944 the GWR built 471 tenders with a capacity of 4000 gallons, all to basically the same design. They had a coal capacity of 6 tons, a wheelbase of 15 feet, and weighed 46t 14cwt. full and 22t 10cwt. empty and were built under 32 lots.
These were standard Collett tenders, used on Kings, Castles, Stars, Halls, Granges and the 47XX 2-8-0s.
There were several modifications made to the basic design. The first Lot (A113) were built with large sandboxes either side on the front footplate, double water fillers, double brake hangers and had frames which differed in detail from the remaining tenders. This Lot is not covered by the kit.
The remaining tenders, except No. 2586 which was built with eight wheels of 3' 8" diameter, can be built from the kit. Early tenders (Lots A117, A120 & A121) had framing around the axle boxes of traditional Churchward shape with long spring hangers. From Lot A123 the framing was altered and short spring hangers introduced and many of the earlier tenders were subsequently fitted with these short spring hangers.
The other detail difference of note was in the rear lamp brackets. The early tenders had the traditional pattern riveted to the bufferbeam with the upper bracket attached to the fender. Later, certainly by Lot A157, the brackets were welded in position with the lower ones to the top edge of the footplate and the upper bracket to the rear of the tank.

Great Western Engines (Vol. 2) by J.H.Russell contains many useful photographs and drawings.


Wheels. 4' 1½" diameter, 12 spoke, axle with 2 mm diameter extensions (3) Slater’s Ref 7849MF

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