Close up to show part of locomotive footplate


Finney7 LMS 4-6-2 City of Nottingham Coronation Class locomotive

The 38 members of the ‘Princess Coronation’ class, to give the ‘Duchesses’ their correct name, were built at the Crewe Works of the LMS Railway under four lots. The subjects of this kit are the locomotives of the first three lots. From this kit the originally streamlined locomotives Nos. 6220-6229 & 6235-6248 can be built in their de-streamlined condition with the sloping smokebox replaced. These locomotives have the so called ‘utility’ front platform which is discontinuous in front of the cylinders.
The originally unstreamlined locomotives 6230-6234 & 6249-6252 can be built from new condition. These locomotives have a continuous front platform with a curved drop section. No. 6242 was given the 'utility' front platform when de-streamlined but was badly damaged in the Harrow & Wealdstone disaster of 1952. After repair it reappeared with continuous platforms. It never received footholds in its new smoke deflectors.
For a more detailed history of these locomotives:
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The Book of the Coronation Pacifics: A Photographic Accompaniment 2 by Ian Sixsmith.
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The LMS Pacifics by J.W.P.Rowledge - David & Charles is essential reading.
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Brake shoes.  Nos. 6220-6224 were built with single brake shoes. From 6225 onwards double brake shoes were fitted.
Chimney.  Single or double chimney are available.
Speedometers.  Nos. 6230-34 were fitted with a BTH (LMS Type) speedometer when built. A 1944 instruction ordered the removal of all speedometers but photographs show that most were out of use well before this date. Eventually all engines were fitted by BR with a Smith-Stone speedometer.
Smoke deflectors.  These were fitted to the ex streamlined locomotives at the time they had the streamlining removed. The unstreamlined locomotives had them fitted later. In May 1955 an order was given for the fitting of footholds in the smoke deflectors of these engines. However not all locomotives were so fitted before withdrawal took place.
Trailing truck.  From inspection of the locomotives in preservation it is clear that the trailing trucks were rebuilt/replaced, possibly during BR days. The obvious visual change is the widening of the outside frame plates. Cylinder wrappers. Some engines were fitted with circular access plates whilst others had oval plates.
Cab rear handrails.  On nos. 6220-6226 the upper end of the handrail on the rear of the cab was attached by a curved strip. From 6227 onwards a conventional handrail knob was used.
Mechanical lubricator hand levers.  These do not appear on Nos. 6230-34 in their early condition.
Sand gun.  This was removed circa 1952. Bogie spring clamps. From inspection of the locomotives in preservation it is clear that the bogies were modified with the addition of these clamps probably in BR days.


Cylinder bypass valves.  Nos. 6220-6224 were built with Fowler-Anderson bypass valves. They were soon blanked off and subsequently removed from all except 6224.
Sloping smokebox top.  When streamlined locomotives were de-streamlined they retained their characteristic smokeboxes with the sloping top. These were eventually replaced with fully cylindrical smokeboxes. We are considering producing a new smokebox casting to reproduce the sloping top if sufficient interest is shown.
Extra washout plugs.  Two extra washout plugs were fitted to the boiler in front of the top feed from circa 1946 onwards.


Bogie wheels 3' 0" diameter, 9 spoke, 5/32" diameter axle, Slater's Ref.7836STMF
Driving wheels 6’ 9", 21 spoke, 13" PB, 3/16" diameter axle, (3), Slater's Ref.7881ST
Pony truck 3’ 9”, 11 spoke, 5/32” axle, (2), Slaters 7845SMF.
Motor/Gearbox.     A Canon motor with a SDMP 40L/15 gearbox (available from Finney7) or an alternative such as an ABC VML2 gearbox.
Crankpins.  Heavy duty crankpins are available from Finney7.

To obtain a pdf copy of the instructions please click on the links below; the pdf will open in a new window.  Unfortunately the A4 and A3 pages have to be in different files.

Instruction  A4 Pages (PDF)
Instruction A3 Pages (PDF)

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