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This kit, whilst designed to provide for the flat sided tenders of riveted construction fitted to the V2 class 2-6-2s, will also represent some of the tenders fitted to classes K3, D49, J39, B1, B17 & K4.
Isinglass Drawing No.304 contains useful information.


Low front / High front.  The first twenty V2's were fitted with Low front tenders. The remainder (except for eleven with flared top, low front, tenders not covered by the kit) were fitted with High front tenders.
Fall plate.  The original arrangement was for a fixed extension to the locomotive cab platform to suit the fall plate, which was hinged on the tender front plate. Starting with No. 4889 (built 8/1941) the fall plate was transferred to the locomotive cab platform and a wood platform was provided at the front of the tender for the fall plate to rest on. The existing engines were brought into line as they passed through shops.
Coal doors.  From November 1940 the slatted coal doors fitted to the high front tenders were gradually replaced by solid doors.
Frame guard irons.  These were omitted from NE area tenders from 1938 onwards.
Rear division plate.  The tenders were built with a low division plate across the water pickup dome. From the mid-fifties onwards most had this plate replaced with a higher plate further forward together with a new design of water pickup dome. The angles, which attached the original division plate to the tank top were not removed. Inside the coal space a sloping plate was provided, probably at the same time.
Spring Hangers.  All the V2 tenders had short spring hangers. Earlier tenders paired with engines of other classes were initially fitted with long spring hangers.
Lamp brackets.  Tenders for the GC section initially had an extra bracket on the left hand side.

Heading Level 5

Wheels.  3’ 9” diameter, Disc with 5/32” plain axle (6) Slater’s Ref 7845MF

To obtain a pdf copy of the instructions please click on the links below; the pdf will open in a new window.  Unfortunately the A4 and A3 pages have to be in different files.

Instruction  A4 Pages (PDF)
Instruction A3 Pages (PDF)

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